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How to Ensure Construction Safety Using Optical Monitoring

ABC Safety Group is excited to spotlight our recent achievement in the heart of Flatbush—monitoring the neighboring properties during the construction of a new house at 701 Avenue O. Collaborating with professionals, including design by Garfinkel Architects, engineering by Hesham Elshami, and expediting by Yona Love, our team played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and stability of this new house construction project.

Project Overview:

The challenge? The proposed house's foundation was in close proximity to neighboring structures—abutting one property on East 7th Street and situated approximately 8 feet away on the other neighbor’s property along Avenue O. The engineering requirement as per the SOE Engineer was Optical Monitoring, a meticulous process that closely observes any movement or tilting of the neighboring buildings during construction.

Monitoring Plan:

The engineer’s Monitoring Plan outlined the program's procedures, including the placement of targets on neighboring buildings and the frequency of readings. Targets, acting as stationary points affixed to buildings, were installed by ABC Safety Group.

Execution and Reporting:

Throughout the project, our team monitored these targets to detect any movement as per the requirements of the monitoring plan. With the R20 Station by StoneX, readings were taken with an accuracy of 3mm for the location of our targets attached to the buildings. We completed monitoring reports as required and submitted them to the contractor and owner, ensuring that all parties have the required reports in case the NYC DOB requests them.

ABC Safety Group is proud to have seamlessly executed this project, showcasing our commitment to precision, safety, and excellence in every construction monitoring endeavor. If your future projects require monitoring, reach out to us at 718-307-8133 for a price quote or fill out this service request form. Stay tuned for more highlights of our impactful projects!


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