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Site Safety Plans

New York City Building Code

§ 28-105.12.8. Site safety plan.

Where a site safety plan is required by this code or by the department, applications shall include a site safety plan approved in accordance with the New York City building code. All work shall adhere to the site safety plan.

Local Law 81

NYC DOB Notice

One of ABC Safety Group's most popular service is our Site Safety Plans. Site Safety Plans include: Sidewalk sheds, scaffolding, overhead protection, construction fence, construction gate locations, sliding gate, standpipes, temporary stairs, waterfilled barriers, tree protection, roof protection, excavator, pile driver, mini excavator, bobcat, forklift, ladder, vertical/horizontal netting, elevator platform, washout box, cranes, hoists, etc.

To purchase a Site Safety Plan from ABC Safety Group for your construction project, please click on the Registration button below.  After you fill out the registration form, a representative will reach out to you to discuss further details. Next, you will receive a proposal. After returning the proposal, we will get your Site Safety Plan done in a timely manner. 

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