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Construction Superintendent Services


New York City Building Code

§3301.13.3 Designation of Primary Construction Superintendent 
The permit holder shall designate a primary construction superintendent who shall carry out all duties and responsibilities assigned to the construction superintendent by this chapter and rules promulgated by the commissioner, and notify the department of such designation, prior to the commencement of work, for the following types of jobs: 

  1. The construction of a new building; 

  2. The full demolition of an existing building; 

  3.  An alteration to an existing building that involves one or more of the following: 

    1. A vertical enlargement;

    2. A horizontal enlargement; 

    3. The alteration or demolition of more than 50 percent of the gross floor area of the building during the course of work over any 12-month period; 

    4. The removal of one or more floors during the course of work over any 12-month period; 

    5. Work that requires a special inspection for underpinning; or 

    6. Work that requires a special inspection for the protection of sides of excavations; or 

  4. Other jobs that pose an enhanced risk to the public and property, as determined by the commissioner.

Our experienced Construction Superintendents are tailored to oversee your construction project with expertise and precision.  

construction superintendent


ABC Safety Group provides experienced and dedicated licensed Construction Superintendents. From project initiation to completion, our superintendents ensure strict compliance with safety protocols and regulations. With a keen eye for detail and effective communication skills, our superintendents efficiently manage on-site activities, resolve challenges, and guarantee the highest safety standards. Whether it's monitoring construction progress, ensuring safety protocols are followed, our dedicated superintendents play a pivotal role in the successful execution of your construction endeavors. Partner with us for unparalleled Construction Superintendent Services, ensuring your projects are completed on time, without any violations, and to the highest industry standards.


The Construction Superintendent will perform a thorough daily inspection of the entire construction site. The site will be thoroughly examined in order to maintain a safe job site and ensure compliance with Chapter 33 of the NYC Building Code. The Construction Superintendent will verify that the work is being conducted in accordance with sound construction practices, and verify compliance with the approved drawings. The Superintendent log will be filled out and signed along with all

necessary logs/paperwork to ensure compliance with DOB. In addition, our Superintendents will take progress photos of the work and create folders that can be shared with project stakeholders upon request.

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