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Reprint SST Card

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The SST Card is the Standardized Official SST Card, as stated by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). The official card is offered by ABC Safety Group.


If you LOST your SST Card, ABC Safety Group has got you covered!

*NOTE: This is NOT the same as an UPGRADE! You have to be in the Training Connect system in order for us to REPRINT the SST Card for you.* 

Reprint SST Card

1) Fill out the Site Safety Training (SST) Card Reprint Form.

Site Safety Training (SST) Card Reprint Form
What type of card do you need to reprint?

2) Upload a picture of your old SST card.

Do you have a picture of your old SST Card?

*If you do not have a picture of your Old SST Card, please upload a picture of your driver's license. ABC Safety Group does not keep your information and will delete photos after the order is completed.*

Upload Image
Upload Image

3) Choose a delivery method. We can either mail your card to the address you provided. Or, you can

pick up your card at: 147 Prince Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. If you were referred by someone, include

the name in the form.

*Allow 5-7 business days for your card to be ready. For questions regarding the status of your card, please text us at (718) 307-8133.*

Delivery Method
Referred by

4) Follow the steps for our secure SSL checkout. The card fee is $50. Contact us for group rates. 


If you do not have the new standardized SST Card and would like to UPGRADE your SST Card, click here!

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