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What to Know About SST Cards in NYC

The local law 196 of 2017 mandates all the workers at job sites across the five boroughs to have an SST Card. This law applies to construction or demolition job sites requiring a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator, or Site Safety Manager.

This brings us to the next phase of questions - what is an SST card, how do I get it, and where can I get it? Here’s everything you need to know about SST Cards in NYC.

What is an SST Card?

SST card stands for Site Safety Training card. It is proof that workers and supervisors have completed the safety training required by the NYC Department of Buildings. There are three types of SST cards approved by the DOB. These are:

Temporary SST card – It provides temporary access to job sites and expires six months after the issue date.

Worker SST Card – This is required for all construction workers and has a 5-year expiration.

Supervisor SST Card – It is required for all Supervisors and has a 5-year expiration.

How do I get an SST Card?

You need to complete 40 hours of training to get a Worker SST card. You can meet the requirement by completing an OSHA 10-Hour course and an additional 30 hours of specific Site Safety Training courses. Another option is to get an OSHA 30-Hour certification and then complete an additional 10 hours of SST courses.

To get a Supervisor SST Card, it is required that you complete 62 hours of training courses. You can book all the DOB-approved safety training courses today. Once you pass the final exam, you’ll immediately get your certificate of completion and your Worker or Supervisor SST card.

Can I upgrade to a Supervisor SST Card?

Yes, if you have an OSHA 30-Hour certification or a Worker SST Card (40-Hours), you can book supervisor upgrade courses that enable you to meet the minimum 62-Hour requirement.

How do I renew my SST card after it expires?

Both Worker and Supervisor SST cards have a 5-year validity. This means that every five years, you’ll have to renew your card by taking refresher courses. Workers will need to complete an 8-hour refresher course, while supervisors will need to complete a 16-hour refresher course.

Does everyone on job sites need training?

Not everyone working in construction or demolition sites is required to complete training. Individuals such as flag persons, delivery persons, professional engineers, security officers, inspectors, registered architects, and site owners are exempt from SST training. However, if you fall into any of the above categories, you must not hold any other job requiring an SST Card.

How can I upgrade my old card to the new Training Connect SST Card?

The Department of Buildings has made it mandatory for site workers and supervisors to have the new Training Connect SST card. To stay compliant, simply fill out the Training Connect SST Card form to upgrade your worker and supervisor card or temporary SST card.

Where can I get an SST Card?

You can book prerequisite training courses with a DOB-approved course provider, such as ABC Safety. Once you meet the minimum training requirement of the course, you can then get your official New York City SST card. We provide courses in English and Spanish across various locations in NYC. Get started by booking your safety training courses today.



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