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1. I am interested in a 30-Hour OSHA training course. Do you provide a 30-Hour Class?
Yes, ABC Safety Group provides 30 hour OSHA training course. If you are interested in a 30-hour training course you can always call 718-307-8133 for prices and schedules.


​2. How much does the 10-Hour SST training cost?
These tickets are $250.00 per person. We do offer special rates for groups of 5 or more individuals that sign up together. Please call 718-307-8133 for additional details.


​3. How much does the 30-Hour OSHA construction training cost?
Early Bird Specials start at $350. Once all these tickets are sold all additional tickets are $400 per person. We do have special rates for groups of 5 or more individuals that sign up together. Please call 718-307-8133 for additional details.


4. ​What do I need to bring to the construction safety training class?

You must have a valid form of ID in order to attend the class. Here at ABC Safety Group we provide you with pencils and paper to take notes. In addition if you are planning to obtain your Site Safety Training Card by attending a 10 Hour SST Course, please remember to bring your Construction 30 Hour OSHA card in order to obtain your Site Safety Training Card as per Department of Buildings Requirements.


5. ​How long is the10-Hour Site Safety Training Class?
The 10 Hour SST class lasts 10 hours long. We have classes starting at 8:00AM Saturdays and Sundays, please call for the locations as we have classes in Brooklyn Bronx and Queens.  Custom class schedules are also available for larger group or company classes. Please inquire via email at or by calling (718) 307-8133. 


6. ​How much do these different courses cost?
The cost varies depending on the class you choose. Our prices also vary based on the group size. We offer great deals for groups. Our 10-Hour SST course is $250.00 per person. The 30-Hour OSHA class costs $400.00. The 32-Hour SST Bundle has a price of $700.00 per person. We offer deals and discounts so feel free to call us at (718)307-8133 with any further questions.


7. ​Where is the 10-Hour SST training class located?
The training is held at 9609 Springfield Blvd Suite 201, on the second floor. There will be signs once you walk in directing you to the room number. Once you enter the building from the Springfield Blvd entrance you can go up the stairs and make a right and go down the hall into the classrooms.


​8. What if I am early or late to the class?
If you are early that’s great! We recommend everyone come approximately 15 minutes early in order to register and make sure that you have a seat. Classes do fill up quickly. If you are late for the class, you can request make-up time from the instructor although you incur a late fee for additional private instruction for your 10-hour training course.


9. I am a small business with 5-15 employees. Do you offer group rates and on-site OSHA
construction training?

Yes, we offer group rates with significant discounts. Please call for additional information at 718-307-8133 for price rates. Yes, we also offer to send one of our trainers to your workplace or office to train your entire staff. Call or email to find out more details.


10. How long does it take before I receive my OSHA Training Card and or Site Safety Training Card?
You will receive your certificate of completion immediately following the successful completion of the 10-hour or 30-hour OSHA class. All student course completion cards are received by students within 90 calendar days of the course end date. Someone from ABC Safety Group will call you once your card arrives. You will have the option to pick up the card from the office or have it mailed directly to you.

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