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Our dedicated staff will prepare drawings, research codes, meet with your team, and obtain any necessary approvals for your permitting process. We are experts in the area of any New York City Site Safety Program for Minor Buildings and will guarantee an approved safety plan.

The new regulation requires that all jobs with a Superintendent also have a site-specific safety plan which detail all the temporary safety measures during construction that will be required in order to keep the job site safe and compliant with DOB and OSHA regulations.


ABC Safety Group provides Site Safety Plans to contractors and developers throughout New York City.

The map shows some of our past projects. These include new buildings and alterations including vertical, horizontal extensions, and more.

Site Safety Plans include:

Sidewalk sheds, scaffolding, overhead protection, construction fence, construction gate locations, sliding gate, standpipes, temporary stairs, waterfilled barriers, tree protection, roof protection, excavator, pile driver, mini excavator, bobcat, forklift, ladder, vertical/horizontal netting, elevator platform, washout box, cranes, hoists, etc.


ABC Safety Group prepares plans that ensure you will remain compliant throughout all phases of the project and receive no violations for site safety.

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