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Why OSHA Training Certification and Compliance is Essential

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and is a body established to create workplace standards regarding safety. These standards must be adhered to by several industries and businesses nationwide, with the overall goal being to ensure a safe working environment.

As part of its mandate, OSHA has created various training programs that benefit workers and employers to ensure ease of compliance with its strict safety codes. There are two main training programs- OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour training programs.

What are OSHA’s training programs?

Only OSHA-authorized trainers, such as ABC Safety Group, can teach highly specialized safety courses. At the entry level, the OSHA 10-hour courses are applicable for employees, while the OSHA 30-hour courses are designed for senior-level workers and supervisors who take on more workplace responsibility. These training courses comprise risk assessment and identification, control, and prevention.

Training frequency

OSHA standards require that employees undergo safety training annually. This means that retraining is advisable at least once every 12 months. If the annual training cannot be completed within this timeframe, employers should maintain a detailed record of the hows and whys of the delay.

Benefits of OSHA 10 training

Here are some of the benefits of the entry-level OSHA 10-hour training courses:

  • Reduced accidents in the workspace

  • Increased cost savings for taxpayers and companies

  • An affordable way for small to mid-sized businesses to stay OSHA-compliant

  • Comprehensive knowledge of workplace safety standards

Benefits of OSHA 30 training

The 30-hour training is of two options. The first program is for field managers and safety supervisors and is about compliance requirements in the construction industry, while the second is a more general industry training course. Here are some of the benefits:

  • OSHA inspection process

  • Health and safety programs

  • Energy action plan strategy

  • Workplace hazard reporting

  • Permit requirements

  • Industrial hygiene

Importance of OSHA training certification and compliance

Here are some general reasons why you cannot do without OSHA training certification and compliance:

To help reduce workspace injury

Training within various industries such as maritime, construction, and agriculture is intended to reduce the number of employee injuries in the workplace, especially among those involved in repairs, reconstruction, and other units.

When searching for a new job

Regardless of rank, anyone in the construction industry can benefit from OSHA training as it gives them up-to-date knowledge of industry safety practices. OSHA certification gives one a comprehensive understanding of workplace safety protocols and procedures, which will give one an edge when searching for new jobs.

High company standards

OSHA’s standards are highly specialized, and companies that adopt OSHA training protocols ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.


As OSHA training is so specialized, employees become accountable for their actions in the workplace, as the training instills the need to adhere perpetually to the highest safety practices.

Comprehensive understanding of coping with workplace hazards

OSHA training courses provide guidelines for preventing workplace hazards and a thorough understanding of what to do when such hazards occur.

At ABC Safety Group, we provide various OSHA-certified training courses for industry workers and professionals in NYC locations of your choice.


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